What is the best job field to get into right now?

The best way to “instantly impress” any hiring manager, according to a human resources executive who has hired thousands of people over 21 years at IBM The 10 industries job seekers want to work in right now, according to new research. It may come as no surprise that tech jobs take up nearly half of the entries (they take up almost half of the entries), given the famously high salaries and the flexibility of working from home. Retirement and the coronavirus pandemic have caused a shortage of workers, and many Americans have begun to rethink what they want from a job. Most jobs require a degree in computer science or computer engineering, in addition to proficiency in programming languages such as Java and Python.

Technology jobs fell in Indeed's ranking compared to previous years, which could be due, in part, to recent layoffs and the hiring freeze in the industry, the report notes. The labor market is as tight as it has been in decades, with unemployment of only 3.6% and millions more vacancies than workers to fill them. They usually have a bachelor's degree in a computer science discipline, along with experience in the IT field. According to new research from Indeed, many top jobs are growing rapidly and offer six-figure salaries.

As more forecasters warn that a recession is coming, economists have told CNBC Make It that healthcare and technology are two of the industries most resilient to a recession and offer solid job security during economic downturns.

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