What careers are growing right now?

Within healthcare, employment in the individual and family services industry is expected to increase the fastest, with an annual growth rate of 3.3%. Some of the rapidly growing healthcare occupations include nurse practitioners, physical therapist assistants, and physician assistants. Tangentially, there will be a great need for people to interpret the enormous amount of data to help business leaders make intelligent and informed decisions. Demand for new products, such as the Internet of Things, and for the analysis and interpretation of large data sets is also expected to contribute to the rapid growth in employment of statisticians, information security analysts and data scientists.

If you're starting your career or have been in the job market for a while, it's important to look to the future. While most economists, Wall Street professionals, and nerds like me pay attention to monthly employment reports, the BLS has some interesting reading for proactive people who want to advance their careers. According to the BLS, “IT and mathematical occupations are expected to experience rapid employment growth, as strong demand for IT security and software development is expected, partly due to the increase in the prevalence of teleworking driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. With a projected growth rate of 35 percent, occupational therapy assistants help address the demand of patients who need help to recover and maintain the skills needed to carry out daily life.

For those looking to make a career change or are just starting out, it may be best for you to find a job that is projected to grow despite the evolution of technology, global disasters and changes in employment trends. In a new report, LinkedIn used data from its site to identify the fastest growing and most in-demand jobs right now. As the prevalence of wildfires increases across the country, the positions of wildfire inspectors and prevention specialists will increase to meet demand. Nurse practitioners are another rapidly growing occupation, with an higher-than-average growth rate of 52 percent.

This division, as you can imagine, has access to a wealth of information and statistics on jobs and careers. A LinkedIn report shows that the demand for software engineers, RNs and salespeople is high, while the need for service professionals continues to grow. As another rapidly growing position related to oil and gas extraction, rotary drill operators are responsible for assembling and operating drills that extract oil and gas from the subsurface. Through the use of software and data programming, data scientists' careers revolve around transforming raw data into interpretable information.

If you are passionate about working with pets and animals other than farm animals, animal care may be the profession for you.

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