Which career field is growing the most right now?

Data Scientists · Information Security Analysts · Medical and Health Services. The employment landscape is constantly changing, and if the past year has taught us anything, it's that opportunities and security in our careers are invaluable. For those looking to make a career change or are just starting out, it may be in your best interest to find a job that is projected to grow despite the evolution of technology, global disasters and changes in employment trends. Prepare your career for the future and use this list to learn about the 20 fastest-growing jobs of the next decade.

Check the average salary of solar PV installers With a projected growth rate of 35 percent, occupational therapy assistants help address the demand of patients who need help recovering and maintaining the skills needed to carry out daily life. Under the guidance of occupational therapists, assistants in this profession conduct therapeutic activities for developmental disabilities, socialization and mobility. To become an occupational therapy assistant, you'll need an associate degree in a health-related field and at least 16 weeks of practical fieldwork. See the average salary of occupational therapy assistants As the population of adults age 65 and older grows rapidly, trends toward aging in the home create a high demand for home health care services.

Home health aides help people with chronic illnesses or disabilities and anyone else who needs help going about their daily lives. In addition to helping with daily activities, they also provide basic medical care, such as monitoring vital signs. To become a home health aide, you'll need at least a high school diploma or equivalent and training from a program or on-the-job. Aspiring restaurant cooks have many options for achieving this occupation.

You don't need a formal education to become a restaurant cook, and on-the-job food safety and handling training will teach you what you need to know. That said, many choose to pursue a culinary education through a professional institution, vocational program, or internship. While this isn't the fastest growing job on this list, with nearly 1.8 million jobs projected for 2029, it's definitely an occupation full of opportunities. Home health care services currently rank first on the list of fastest growing jobs in Kentucky, while personal care services rank second in Oklahoma and third in Colorado, with similar trends in the U.S.

UU. A bachelor's degree is needed to enter this field, but a graduate degree may be preferable to employers. If you are passionate about working with pets and animals other than farm animals, animal care may be the career for you. In addition to the examination of conscience necessary to determine the career path that will bring you satisfaction and a satisfactory salary, it is important to research.

Deciding if a career or job change is in your future requires a certain degree of introspection, Starks says. While, of course, there is no way to guarantee that you choose the right career, this list of the fastest-growing professions is expected to experience great growth and have extensive job offers in the coming years. As the population of adults age 65 and older grows rapidly, trends toward aging in the home create a high demand for home health care services. It has experienced growth, for example, in the leisure and hospitality industry, as well as in transportation and storage, food services, financial services and healthcare.

As the prevalence of wildfires increases across the country, the positions of wildfire inspectors and prevention specialists will increase to meet demand. The role of a statistician has long been recognized as one of the highest and highest-paid business jobs on the market, and it is also one of the fastest growing professions. For many people, the COVID outbreak precipitated a new awareness of what really matters and what they really wanted from their careers. Statistic people are in demand in fields such as business, health, government and engineering because of their ability to analyze data and solve problems with statistical techniques.

While coal and oil production is trending downward, fossil fuels will also provide a decent amount of employment growth for the foreseeable future. Clean energy jobs have a promising future, and wind and solar energy are two of the fastest-growing green jobs on the market. As another rapidly growing position related to oil and gas extraction, rotary drill operators are responsible for assembling and operating the drills that extract oil and gas from the subsurface. .


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