What is the easiest job but pays a lot?

See the following examples of potentially easy jobs that pay well in Canada. But don't hesitate to dedicate yourself to what interests you most, even if it doesn't make this list. For example, working as a nurse, flight attendant and legal assistant are some well-paying careers that may not seem easy, but they offer an opportunity to be happy in your job if you're the right person for them. Easy jobs that pay well fall into many categories, as everyone has their own idea of what easy really means when it comes to work.

To see how easy the jobs seem, it's helpful to know if you're hoping to simplify the physical, mental, or emotional aspects of your work life (or a combination of these). Once you master the technique of drawing blood for diagnostic tests, donations, transfusions or medical research, you'll be able to enjoy a job that isn't too demanding. It's quite a glamorous occupation because half of the job is for restaurants to drink and dine in the hope of receiving a positive review. To cover the basics, most bed testing jobs require you to be at least 18 years old and adapt to a certain demographic group.

We have purposely included a number of mandatory levels of training to offer options to those who want to obtain a degree and to those who are only interested in brief or practical training. For people who prefer to guide customers about their purchasing needs and desires, a job as a personal shopper might be the right option. It's also probably one of the easiest jobs to get, as long as you have a commercial driver's license and a clean record. While you may sometimes have to work hard to motivate customers, the reward of being part of a person's journey to better health makes this job stand out among easy, well-paying jobs.

The work focuses largely on organizing, ensuring that the materials are in their proper place and that, if someone takes out an item, it is registered correctly. Worker positions related to a city's public works department are usually jobs that don't require experience. Your primary job will be to transport passengers from one location to another in a safe and timely manner. The two easiest jobs to get without experience or relevant education are the roles of personal buyer and flight attendant.

People who research the interactions between water and land usually find their work very satisfying. In addition, other surveys and studies have shown that many people consider their work to be the main stressor in their lives and that no other stress factor in life is more associated with health problems.

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